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Still frame from a video for a non-profit organization, a closeup of a woman looking into the camera.



Producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind.


impressive, colorful, powerful, emotive, moving, unforgettable



vague, boring

Jesse Todd is the founder of Vivid Imagery, standing over a Phantom Flex Veo camera.

Who We Are

Vivid Imagery was started in 2010 by filmmaker Jesse Todd. Since then, Jesse has built a team of highly skilled individuals within the film industry, elevating the standard for affordable video production.

Our Mission

Seek first to understand others and then to empower them with stunning visual media that engages an audience and impacts people for the better.

Core Values


Acronyms are silly. But we made one anyway. Keep scrolling for the juicy info:

Make a difference

Both personally and professional, we want to impact the lives of others for the better. If we can use our skillset to do so, then that's even better.


We will always respond to your emails and texts. We will also own up to our mistakes (because we're human too) and do everything we can to make it right.

Dare Greatly

While this is a great book by Brene Brown, we've applied it to our creativity in the video industry. We've never made the same video twice, and we are determined to continue making unique content for our clients and push the boundaries of the status quo.


We're committed to making high-quality content, even for our budget-friendly clients.

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Schedule a free Zoom Call

Schedule a free discovery call with Vivid Imagery to discuss your video production needs. This no-commitment call gives you the opportunity to meet a real person and learn more about our process. Whether online or in person, we're here to help bring your vision to life.

Schedule a discovery call with Vivid Imagery
A still frame from a video of a business man standing at sunset with mountains behind him.


Full Service Video Production

We guide a video project from concept to distribution by conducting market research, scripting and storyboarding, scheduling and executing shoots, and editing and distributing the final product.

Live Stream & Event Highlight Videos

Engage your audience through live streaming directly to Facebook, YouTube, or broadcast networks. Additionally, we capture live events such as concerts and fundraisers, producing concise, professional highlight videos that can promote your upcoming events or serve as recaps for attendees.

Drone Operator & Aerial Photography

Hiring a professional drone operator brings unique advantages in capturing stunning aerial footage that enhances visual appeal and storytelling. We're not gonna lie, we have some incredible drone operators.

Non-profit Fundraiser Videos

You could say this is why we got into filmmaking. We want to make a difference in other's lives and that's why we offer amazing discounts for non-profit organizations.

TV Series, Documentary, Narrative Film

We've helped produce films and Documentaries on Amazon Prime & Netflix, as well as shows on Discovery, Nation Geographic, Altitude TV, ICTV, and more.

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